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It’s been such a wild ride with Ignite! I started as a copywriter for one Halloween email funnel- and now I’m sole copywriter, taking on tons of fun digital marketing projects to help martial arts school owners run their businesses like the damn bosses they are. Forever grateful for this amazing company!

✨ Fall 2020-present

👍 Favorite part- Getting in the flow of creating digital marketing content every week

📍 Client Location: Global! HQ in Coral Springs, FL


🎨 Visual Branding- Created cohesive brand board for all design freelancers on our team + any designs that I make for a unified Ignite look.

🖌 Graphic Design- I design new engaging social media posts, email banners, posters and digital marketing pack artwork on the daily.

📚 Copywriting- Numero uno! Email newsletters, email automations, SMS text messages, social media posts, FB ad copy, FB events, checkout sales text… the list goes on.

 💌 Email Marketing- Lots of email funnels that CONVERT for flash sales and sustained 6-8 week emails for school programs.

🚀 Social Content + Strategy- Head copywriter and graphic designer for our two VIP Facebook groups to boost engagement and show value.

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 I am so grateful for you and the work you have done, it truly makes me speechless. 

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