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Starting with hiitide was one of those freaky one-in-a-million type deals, in which they found me in a sea of thousands of web designers on the Experts platform and messaged me right away. We did some pretty awesome work together but what I love most about this company is the culture and the people who made every project amazing with their heart-centered, values-focused intentions.

✨ Fall 2020-Summer 2021

👍 Favorite part- GIF-centered Slack convos with the team

📍 Client Location: Global! HQ in Chicago, IL


👩🏼‍💻 Web Design- My main responsibility here. Created conversion-driven, on-brand sales pages from scratch with a focus on UI and economy of words. Then I converted Figma pages into WordPress pages using Elementor. #nerdlanguage

📚 Copywriting- Team members pulled me in on a few different projects to review copy on the website, in the app and in our marketing efforts. 

survey says...

 I am so grateful for you and the work you have done, it truly makes me speechless. 

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